London: SPMS organises walk in memory of 'Iron Man Of India’
- By Sushma Lobo

  • Fri,9 Aug 2019 02:05:09 PM

London, Aug 9 : On Sunday 4th August Londoners showed their support for Sardar Patel’s flagship work. Sadar Patel Memorial Society (SPMS) UK organised a walk starting at his London home on Aldridge Road Villas all the way to North Kensington’s Wormwood Scrubs.

Sadar Vallabhbhai Patel was the right hand man of Mahatma Gandhi. He played a key role in Indian freedom movement and persuaded the princely states to accede to a independent India. Sadar earned himself the title of ‘Iron Man Of India’. He was a lawyer by profession who grew up to become the first Deputy Prime Minister of India.

He studied in England to be barrister and came back with a awakened consciousness to fight for India’s freedom.

Sadar organised civil disobedience in his home state of Gujarat and was connected to the whole Indian freedom movement.

During the last years of British rule, Sadar integrated 550 princely states across India to form the ‘Indian Union.’

The group of walkers met at the door step of his London home to pay tribute to his UK home. Neighbours and residence of the house came out to shake hands and learn more about the achievements of Vallabhai Patel and the significance of the house.
representing the Indian High Commission in London Mr Rohit Vadhwana, First Secretary, paid tribute to Sardar before cutting the ribbon, he said, ”Sardar’s career was a humble beginning. His determination brought him to UK to study law at the Inner Temple. His achievements are unforgettable and I am proud to recognise his contribution to India.”

The two mile walk with people from all walks of life and various ages was long enough not to forget yet so enjoyable that they are considering it to be a annual walk.

The walk had also alternatively been aimed to allow participants to became more active, find companionship, socialise ending with a picnic with walkers paying their own tributes to Sardar. One remembered how Sardar studied his law on a shoe string budget, living on bread and milk. He would spend as much as 16 hrs in the libraries at Inner Temple, as he could not afford to buy the books and then walk home. His life is an inspiration to all for what can be achieved.

It was motivational to stand on the very ground he once walked, one said and his tireless efforts to unit India has made him truly ‘The Iron Man of India’ forever standing as the tallest statue in the world in Gujarat.

A successful walk in remembrance of a man who helped change India’s future.

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Title : London: SPMS organises walk in memory of 'Iron Man Of India’

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