Islamic art by Sameea Rahat

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Sameea Rahat

London, June 24 (BAN): Since man has been created as the vicegerent on earth to whose use all things in the heavens and on earth had been subjected (Luqman 31:20), man stands for an essential part of the intricate picturesque network of creation, serving the Creator's universal plan: "We have indeed created man in the best of moulds" (al-Tin 4). Similarly, Prophet says, Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.

These proclamations triggered the passion and love for beauty in Sameea, a self-taught art worker. Her travel around the world further stamped her keen interest in portraying the beauty Allah created and of the Quranic verses especially the prayers in the noble book. She started to draw landscapes, calligraphy the verses and portraying traditional historic Islamic art for contemporary world by varying colours and using diverse mediums.

She felt more content and pleasure in calligraphy and the art work as these render more positivity, optimism, hopefulness and assures the reciter of more fruitful consequence. She believes that she is serving the humanity by bringing the verses and designs to the world with more up-to-date mediums thus fascinating the young and old. She knows that the scripture has answer to all woes of humans they encounter in daily life.

Therefore, her work will also assist people seeking help from Allah. She believes that this will assist in the conserving the religious and cultural legacy as well and she would have her contribution to the humanity. Besides many of her successful projects she has recently completed art work for Quran for a publishing house in Iraq.

Her work can be seen on Instagram at IslamicArt_bySameeaRahat. She is currently working to transform a hotel project in Madina Munawwara by delivering Islamic theme to it.

She believes that young people will be inspired by her work and take on activities preserving traditional values while maintaining contemporary social norms and being a constructive citizens.

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Title : Islamic art by Sameea Rahat

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