The Working Mum - 6 Tips to Perfecting the Work-Life Balance

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The Working Mum - 6 Tips to Perfecting the Work-Life Balance

It’s six-thirty am and the alarm has just gone off. You silence it immediately – just, five more minutes you think to yourself, then you realise that the kids’ lunches have to be made, a load of laundry has to be done before the school drop-off, your phone is already buzzing from the influx of work emails, and on top of that, the in-laws are coming over for dinner this evening. Sounds familiar? Yep, welcome to the Working Mum Club.

It’s now a norm for most women to work, even after they have had children. Long gone are the days where the woman stayed at home to rear the kids whilst the man was out bread-winning. Nowadays, women are doing the winning. It’s unbelievably empowering but also exhausting, we know.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you with your work-life balance – to be honest, you’re probably already putting them to use, because you’re a mother and well, we’re all just multi-tasking superwomen, but it’s also just to reach out and say, we know how you feel, you’re not the only one!

Timetable your Day

We all know that running a household is manic – with all the extracurricular activities, dinner dates, work events, weddings, birthday parties, the whole lot. A good solution to getting organised is getting a family calendar for all the different events for different family members have, leave it in the kitchen – that way you can physically see it every day. Another good option is having a shared Google calendar which you can just log any new events which can be seen by the rest of the family – that way you’ll never hear “Oh I didn’t know we had to go there?” from the hubby!

Give 100% to your Current Environment

Negotiate working times with your employer, whether you are working full or part-time and make it your only focus whilst you’re there. When you leave, switch off, leave all the stress at the door and pick it up tomorrow. By giving 100% to the task at hand and allowing yourself to immerse in your environment this will make you a lot more productive and leave you feeling a lot more satisfied, as oppose to physically being sat at your desk when your mind is at home doing the hoover!

Divide and conquer

Allocate tasks and chores to the kiddos! Ok, maybe not all the tasks but manageable tasks such as laundry, hoovering, dishwashing. With older children, maybe suggest they cook dinner for the family once a week whilst you supervise – start with their favourite cuisine. This way they are learning how to cook whilst being incentivised with their favourite food and you’re also getting a few extra minutes!

Meal plan & prep

It may be worth putting together a ‘two-week food schedule’ so that that dinner is varied but you still know what needs to be bought in preparation, saving time and energy deciding what to cook. It may also be worth doing the food shopping online; most large food retailers all have this facility with delivery being as cheap as £1!

Switch Off

Allow yourself to switch off from everything once a day – whether it’s for a 30 minutes before the kids need picking up from school or after they have gone to bed; go to the gym, meditate, vegetate, watch TV, do whatever you like, but make sure you do switch off!

As mothers, we don’t give ourselves enough time alone because we’re too busy putting everyone before ourselves. Make it known to the family that this is important too, and maybe suggest that everyone take 30 minutes in a day to themselves. That way it’ll soon become a norm in the household.


As much as it may seem like a bit of a slog at times, you are so blessed to have a family, a job, a home and so many other aspects of your life. With your children grow so fast, you’ll never get these moments again. Take a moment to mentally list 5 things you’re grateful for. This is perfect in those ‘tense’ scenarios, which can really turn a situation around.

So, that’s it, ladies! We’re hoping these tips help – as we said, you’re probably already implementing them because of your superheroes but it’s always nice to hear some reiterating words.

Are these tips you already use with your family? Do you have any other tips you think we’d benefit from? Let us know in the comments!



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Title : The Working Mum - 6 Tips to Perfecting the Work-Life Balance

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