Mental Health – Five Ways to Protect your Energy

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Mental Health – Five Ways to Protect Your Energy

Mental wellbeing is central to our health. Our brains are an organ, just like the heart, the lungs, or the bladder, it also needs nurturing because, without it, that could have serious consequences. One in four people in the UK will struggle with their mental health, and with everyday pressures increasing, this statistic is on the rise.

Thankfully, we’re all becoming more aware of this, of each other, and more importantly, of ourselves. We’ve put together a few tips to help you protect your energy and boost your mental wellbeing on an everyday basis…


Sounds a bit predictable, we know. And initially, it’s easier said than done. But meditation has a countless number of health benefits, which we’re sure you’ve already heard about; some of which include improving focus, reducing stress, boosting positivity, quietening internal noise, and the list goes on…

We’ve found that attending a meditation or yoga class, or using a guided-meditation app to start you off in your meditation journey will significantly help you with learning how to become still. You can then adopt these in your own time. Start by doing it once a week, then three times, then as often as you need. Often there’s a pressure to meditate or carry out what should be a relaxing activity daily, which soon becomes a chore overthrowing the feeling of relaxation with ‘ugh, I’ve got to meditate’. Do it as and when you need!

Spent Time Alone

Solitude allows you to reboot, it improves productivity and concentration, and it lets you think more deeply. The idea of fewer distractions and not having to worry about doing the food shopping, picking up the kids and replying to work emails sounds wonderful.

Like with the meditation, adopt the habit of spending time alone once a week, to begin with, and slowly build it up. Whether that means taking a walk alone, or painting whilst the kids are at school. Make it known your family – your partner and children, your parents and siblings or your housemates and friends, that this is important. Also, feel free to say no to things you don’t want to partake in – remember it’s all about protecting your own energy!

Soon you’ll realise that enjoying your own company, and will enhance the quality of your relationships. Win/win situation we think!


This sounds cliché, we know. But boy is it a game-changer. It may sound ridiculous initially, but your body listens to every micro-move and micro-thought you have, and remembers it, whether that thought was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago or fifty years ago. And part of the problem is the feeling of fear and a lack of self-belief. When your body recognises this is how you feel, over and over and over again, it begins to believe it. Now, we must rewire and recondition your brain to believe that you are capable of miracles, because let’s be honest, you are.

Affirmations are a way of doing that, telling yourself that you are amazing, you are important, and you are loved. Start with the words ‘I am’ and complete with a word such as healthy, happy, valued. Say it out loud, or in your head, first thing in the morning, whilst you’re stuck in traffic, before a meeting, as you’re making dinner, at any point, you remember to. When you repeat it over and over, your mind will begin to believe. Remember, everything starts with a thought.

Eat Well

This is self-explanatory. We all know how lethargic we feel the morning after a binge on takeaway and junk food. Not to mention the unnecessary fat that accumulates over time. The benefits of eating well are limitless; heightened and sustained energy, better functioning of the organs, slowing ageing and living longer, to name a few.

Eat well; a diet high in vegetables, fruits and all things that are naturally colourful. Cut down on saturated fats and sugar, even if that means one less spoon of sugar in your tea, to begin with. You may already know this, but anything that comes packaged, isn’t good for you, but it’s ok to treat yourself and indulge once or twice a week. And if you drink alcohol, limit it to one or two units a week.

Even though initially it will feel like a struggle, after two weeks of consistency you’ll begin to feel like a new person. Three weeks later, and you’ll be reborn! We’ve also found that prepping your meals in advance takes off a huge burden off timing in the week. Meal prep on Sunday for Monday-Wednesday, then on Wednesday for Thursday-Saturday. And the choice of quick meal options come by the thousands on the internet, thanks to Google!

Digital Detox

Speaking of Google, the cycle of the digital age is coming full circle and we’re all beginning to recognise that we’re glued to our screens way too much; the negative effects of phone usage such as radiation emission and lower self-esteem sometimes outweigh the positives. But, it’s also now becoming cliché to take on a digital detox. The team at MFD think – actually, we know, that this is imperative to your wellbeing, on a conscious and subconscious level. As we mentioned in our previous blog, by switching off from your electronics 30-60 minutes before bed, will allow you to collect your thoughts before you sleep, give you a better night’s rest, and have you feeling more refreshed when you wake up. If you use your phone as an alarm, invest in a radio alarm.

Another option is, waiting until after breakfast or until getting to your desk to check your phone and your emails. Alternatively, maybe have a phone-free Sunday. All these things will assist in making you more present in the current moment.

We hope these things are of help in maintaining and improving your mental well-being. Start by implementing one or two of the points mentioned for three weeks – remember it takes 21 days for a habit to form. Do you already use any of these tips? Let us know!


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