UK's PM candidate Javid warns against exploiting divisions over Brexit

London, Jun 7(BAN/CD): Home Secretary Sajid Javid warned his rivals in the Tory leadership against exploiting divisions over Brexit to further their campaigns.

In a statement to the Standard, Javid said that the country is divided between Leave and Remain, north and south, urban and rural, even 'optimistic against pessimistic'

“It is my firm belief that if we make a wrong choice in this leadership election we could end up with a leader who thinks the way to lead, and to win the next election, is to exploit these divisions” added Javid.

The Home Secretary’s statement was directed at Troy leadership candidates that are seeking hard Brexit. Javid, a Remain backing candidate is propelling himself as the 'unity candidate' of the party who reflects modern Britain.

Ahead of his address to the Royal Society for the Arts, Sajid Javid asked upon his party members to 'heal divisions' so that Conservatives can 'thrive'.

He also referred to London as the 'world’s greatest multiracial city' quite aptly as his own family too migrated from Pakistan to London in the sixties.

Expressing his concerns over the fact that Britain might end up operating on two economies-London and South East versus the rest, Javid said that a big part of his program will be to re-balance the economy as Britain cannot be ‘one nation’ if the country is allowed to have two economies.

“But I’ll never be ashamed of our capital’s success. My goal is to make the rest of the country as successful as London,” he further said.

British Future think tank director Sunder Katwala compared Sajid Javid’s “meritocratic story” to that of former Prime Minister John Major.

According to recent polling, Javid ranks fifth in the race to be the party’s next leader.


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Title : UK's PM candidate Javid warns against exploiting divisions over Brexit

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