Gujarati Lok Dayro
- Aastha K Singhania

  • Fri,24 May 2019 04:37:11 PM

London, May 24 (BAN): 7star Entertainment are organising a Gujarati Lok Dayro with eminent personalities from Gujarat, India on June 25th 2019 in Leicester and June 1st 2019 in Harrow Leisure Centre in London. ‘Dayro’ in Gujarati means the cultural folk songs sung in praise of God and also carrying social message. Second year in making, 7star has organised this beautiful evening with the kalakaars like Kirtidhan Gadhvi- a world renowned Gujarati folk singer, Mayabhai Ahir famous Lok Shaktiyar and Hasya Kalakaar and Geeta Rabari who will be performing for the first time in the UK.

The event is a total sell out and is expected to have 1500-1800 people in each concert. The only aim to have these personalities here is to get the entire Gujarati community, especially the younger ones to participate and enjoy the local folk songs. We managed to have a private conversation with Geeta Rabari, where she acknowledged everyone who has stood by her- from her parents, husband and the all people from Gujarat. She is 23 years old and been married for 5 years already. Even with so much success, she stays with her parents in a small village Tappar in Kutch, India. It is for this reason and her melodious voice that she is called ‘Kutch ni Koyal’, which means the Nightingale of Kutch. She also obliged us by singing 2 lines from her song, making people happy and excited for her upcoming event. She has travelled to Africa and Australia before.

Kirtidhan Gadhvi very rightly said, “I like coming to London and usually get a good audience. But as they say, if you perform in a show in Mumbai, you get known all over India. But when you perform in London, you’re known worldwide.” Mayabhai Ahir also pointed out how songs and music unite people of Gujarat and our heritage and culture is so vast in India that we are all together because of the same. He correctly pointed out and said all of them are here to see the Gujaratis that are not in Gujarat. When Kirtidhan travels, he does not come alone. He brings all the poets and musicians that composed his bhajans and songs with him. He emphasised on if the children here learn how to speak in Gujarati, Gujarat will not die.

Everyone is now looking forward to seeing these amazing talent perform in the coming few days. Any more information or detail about the event can be found on the brochure attached below.

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