Everything you need to know about A-beauty, the Aussie skincare trend taking over

  • Thu,16 May 2019 03:25:35 PM

By now anyone who’s even vaguely interested in skincare knows about K-Beauty, which involves multistep regimes with the aim of getting perfect, glass skin. Now, there’s a new trend set to take over, and the thinking behind it is remarkably different from the South Korean trend.

A-Beauty comes from Australia, and it reflects the laid-back nature of the country. Instead of thousands of products, it’s much simpler. It’s about using fewer products, so it takes up less money and minimal minutes in front of the mirror (and so, presumably, you have more time to go to the beach).

It’s not just the challenge to fashionable multistep skincare routines which sets A-Beauty apart. There’s also the fact it has a strong emphasis on natural products indigenous to Australia.

One Aussie brand you might already have come across is Kora Organics, set up by supermodel Miranda Kerr. Kerr has long been a proponent of green beauty, and her products reflect this. They contain nourishing ingredients derived from plants like the noni fruit, which is predominantly found in Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is said to be great for your skin because it contains antioxidants and the vitamins A and C.

And because this is the notoriously sun safe country of Australia, there’s a huge emphasis on including SPF in products. Take the brand Jurlique – its UV Defence Lotion SPF50 has become a cult favourite, with the ingredients coming from a sustainable farm in the Adelaide Hills.

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Today I’m sharing yet another #dynamicduo of skincare superheroes in my routine! — ??#bybi buriti booster: made of 100% cold pressed buriti oil, this is full of antioxidants that protect against environmental aggressors and even UV! It’s great for urban environments or any place with harsh weather conditions ??#jurlique UV defense lotion: this is my holy grail sunblock and I actually look forward to using it every day! It’s creamy and soothing with a light lavender scent. It has a slightly tacky texture which I like because it doubles as a primer! — In the winter I like to layer these products. A couple drops of the oil in my daytime moisturizer, then sunscreen as my final step. If I’m not going out, I’ll use the oil on its own! This duo makes my skin feel strong and protected which is exactly what I need in unpredictable weather ??

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Other brands riding high on the A-Beauty wave are Sand & Sky – which says it is “based on clean and highly effective formulas, we skip the 10-step routines and crazy claims. Our products are packed with Aussie botanicals that have been used for thousands of years to treat, heal, and highlight our natural beauty” – and Go-To – which is similarly cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients. If you take a look at how these products are branded, it’s all much simpler than we’ve become used to in skincare.

Skincare is a serious business nowadays – by the looks of things, you basically need a science degree to understand all the complex serums and creams touted as the next best thing – and don’t even get us started on trying to figure out which order the products should be applied.

What we particularly like about A-Beauty is it’s got much more of a sense of humour, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Give Go-To a follow on Instagram if you don’t believe us – it describes one of its products as: “A supercharged face oil that nourishes, brightens and protects ALL faces. The thirsty! The oily! The dehydrated! The combo! The sensitive! The bad at parallel parking!”

And if you want to have a little more A-Beauty inspiration in your life, go on Instagram and check out Aussie influencers like Nicole Warne Shadbolt, Daniela Rooney and Helen Chikk, who encapsulate the ethos perfectly. Not only will it make you want to adopt a new skincare regime immediately, but it will probably also make you want to find the nearest beach as soon as you can.

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@taniellejaimua you can paint my face and rip my hair out any day ??

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