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London: In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions, many people are choosing to make their health and self-care a top priority. Health is infinitely beautiful for your body, mind and soul. No matter where you’re at in your journey to better health and happiness, there is always room for change and improvement. There are endless ways that you can incorporate some self-care into your daily routine, and then there are the experts who can help you along this journey. British Asia News spoke to Rajan Bose aka the Energy Avatar an award winning Global Transformational Specialist:

Life & Business Coaching Consultant
Up coming Author - 6 steps to a stress free Life
Award winning International Speaker
Award winning International Broadcaster
Director of the Health & Wellness Division at Yes You Can Inspire to Achieve
International Reiki Master Practitioner
International Clinical Hypnotherapist
International Feng Shui & Energy aligner

This London born entrepreneur was a surge of calm positive energy to be around with an aura of creating a flow to your goal. In Rajan’s perspective“everything is energy in all shapes and forms from the words that we use our actions, thoughts and our intentions all play a part in what we send out to the universe and what we receive back.”

Graduating back in 2013 from the renowned Kings Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, he has been practicing reiki for 17 years and “literally started with a book at home, I had a interest in it, I was going through some dark times and challenges in my early 20’s and I looked for a positive output, I started going to healing classes myself.”

Inspired by his mum who was into holistic healing herself being a councillor, metaphysis, Reiki & crystal healer Rajan used that to get himself out of his dark times, “we all go through our challenges in life and it’s about looking for that positive outlet not turning to the drink, the drugs, gambling and other vices or falling into that guilt trip”.

Rajan generally works with clients who have problem’s, challenges and issues in any part of their life, whether its financial, emotional or physical “I try to help them overcome these issues and problems using a variety of techniques whether it’s using the mind aspect for that it is hypnosis where everything starts with the mind, the thought patterns we have, the belief systems we have our values. We carry everything around in our subconscious mind that maybe we were told at a younger age by someone, it’s still there running our current program, a lot of stuff taught as a child whether it’s in relation to fear or phobias are irrelevant now, because we are adults but we still carry those thoughts, those beliefs, those patters”.

One major thing Rajan has learnt over the years and shares with his clients is:

“If you go back into the same environment with the same mind set and do and experience the same all over again, you will end up with the same results and back in the same place again.”

As Albert Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Rajan explained the triangle of an all-encompassing healing, aligning, balancing process, which also brought harmony and a real transformation to all his clients lives and now he works using MBE (Mind, Body, and Environment) process.

This is his niche or speciality as he deals with the alignment and balance on a client’s energies and environments on all levels.

“I see Energy, I sense it, I align it, I cleanse it and I fresh it. Remove blockages, helping clients to overcome problems and challenges in any area of their lives. So for me I like to work with clients and look at their mind set, their patterns, I work with them on the body perspective, around nutrition,reiki, crystals, looking at individual’s home environment, what’s happening in their work life and then I look at it from a Feng Shui perspective working both with businesses and individuals. In essence these are the 3 core aspects”.

The main emphasis is the stress side a trending topic, Rajan currently run destress workshops and one to one workshops, it’s a holistic approach based more around stress reduction and management with businesses. Rajan said for him “it’s to break down that barrier; it’s about the internal dialogue and connecting with individuals with what’s going on in the inside and planting those initial seeds”

Workshops are as informative as possible and share those tips and insights and planting those seeds, even during stage talks, which are proactive and getting people up to do various exercises run through meditation and then they leave with a plan or a structure which they can take away whether it is a half day workshop, full day, weekend or a retreat, it is to be taken away and applied to life. Tools are given to make changes in lives but that is as far as he can go, it’s like that old saying ‘you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it’, ultimately it’s up to the client to fully experience results, by following, applying and making the positive changes to their lives and routines. People who get real result and have real breakthroughs are people who are near borderline depression, really ill health and those who really want and need to make and see change in their life. They try what’s suggested and they see the biggest differences.

The next few months are going to be inspirational with Rajan, he has his book release, ‘ 6 steps to a stress free life’, “it’s about keeping cool, keeping the balance, keeping the calm” he tells us. He has just come back from speaking on stage in South Africa in front of an audience of 1000 plus people, to share some knowledge and insights.

He also had the privilege of interviewing the Global billionaire entrepreneur Hugh Hilton, he shared some great insights and is very spiritual too, and places a great emphasis on his health in the body and mind as well.

He see’s clients on one to one sessions, businesses, and workshops to Rajan “it’s about building as much of a momentum to reach out to as many people as I can. I don’t like long lectures of books and notes I like to share some energy, experiences, I like to get people up”.

So what does such an inspiring spiritual soul do to pass time…?

He laughs and says “I’m like any normal person I have 3 children I like to take them outside away from electronics, whether it’s going to the park, swimming, we sometimes go for long drives in woodland areas, I love my desi beats, I love to shake a leg, I call myself spiritual but I live in the real world so I still participate in everything like everyone else..

This man is more than just a shot at a life changing pitch; he provides one with the tools and resources for personal growth, being heathy mind, body, and soul. His values resonates within entire experience’s, mentorship, energies, connections and more, having an impact on people’s lives, changing lives and making the world a peaceful place for you me and everybody. Welcome to the world of Rajan Bose, Energy Avatar an award winning Global Transformational Specialist.

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