Holding the far reaching flower, Dimps Sanghani

  • Mon,4 Mar 2019 04:08:18 PM

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By Sushma Lobo

London: “New year, new hope, new beginning” Every woman dreams of taking the world by storm...but a few dreamers make their dreams come true as it takes a lot to be a successful business woman, freelancer, have a world recognised role, attending events and all this balanced with being a mother and a wife.

Let me set the scene, it’s a sunny but cold Sunday afternoon and I’m driving into Chelsea, in the heart of vibrant Kings Road is a little piece of heaven minutes’ walk from the Sacchi gallery blooming with flowers. It’s the first Organic spa designed in central London and that too on Chelsea’s Kings Road known as ‘Tiara Organic’.

I am greeted with a huge smile and a hug, Dimps Sanghani known very well as Mrs England who earned the UK a prestigious title of Mrs Universe Charity Woman 2018, what a proud moment for her. She represented England in a unique outfit designed by Chirawan Lewis, showcasing England, the Big Ben and poppies. So what does this woman do that makes her different and special from the rest of us and how can she inspire the masses to see that following your dream and working hard you can achieve anything.

Some of you may recognise Dimps from the famous Cake Box adverts that we all see on TV and billboards around London. Some may have seen her many tweets or various Bollywood A-listers insta and FB postings with Dimps or have simply been to her Spa.

Being the first Indian Lady and the first person to sign the book baster for Nelson Mandela, Dimps says was a “priceless moment for me”. She is known to the world of Bollywood and British TV through her make up skills, working with the likes of Shabana Azmi, Richa Chadha, Mira Syal, Lillette Dubey, Gautam Gulati, and Sonali Kulkarni. She’s worked with Cricketers such as Moine Ali, Ravi Bopara, through to singers like Navin Kundra; Gurudas Man, Aram Malik...the list goes on and on and on. She is in the celeb world ‘the one’ you call when in the UK, the all talked about A-listers make-up artist that people know of and that too only by word of mouth.

Whilst Dimps runs the luxurious hair treatments and facials at the spa her sister Jigna Soni is known as the ‘Eyebrow Guru’ in and around Chelsea. The two together set up the ‘Tiara Organic’ Hair and Beauty Salon a year ago and today they are fully booked back to back and the new talked about rage in Chelsea. Their set up is this little floral getaway paradise which calms the soul as you enter serenaded with flowers and ivy with a beautiful scent of Jasmin arousing your senses. Dimps works her magic with pure organic products that she puts together herself; her oils are mixed herself and Tiara Organic promotes 18 Ayurveda spa treatments for hair, she says “these are the raw treatments and  100% organic, our product specialist scientist who makes our shampoos pure organic shampoos and conditioners made to my specification” treatments with a special kind of spa!

When she returned from the Mrs Universe pageant with her noble title Mrs Universe Charity she has big plans for setting a movement in charitable work. She is a passionate champion for women’s and children’s protection and welfare. Dimps is the lead ambassador for The Bike Ride Family Charity, with a team of 25 people who each year raise 100’s of thousands of pounds for Charities in developing countries through bike rides across the country an inspirational not-for-profit organisation. The charity Bike Riders Family just completed the Gujarat Charity Bike Ride 2. Raising £70,000 riding through the streets of Gujarat and £110,000 in the Kenya Charity Bike ride on top of the £170,000 that was raised on the first charity bike ride in 2017 and now they are geared up and getting ready to bike ride From Delhi to Amritsar in India in February 2020.

Then there is Raha International, a Kenya based foundation that focuses on providing better opportunities through educational initiatives for children and young adults.

Finally The Inner Joy Foundation which provides education within a boarding school for orphaned girls, blind children and homes for the elderly. The Urja Trust is impetus organisation for young women and homeless women supporting their vital needs and focusing on giving them the opportunity to live a life full of dignity when all other routes are closed off.

Dimps Sanghani, not only does this woman have a strong work ethic but she is the rage in Chelsea and she is a phenomenal altruistic individual a true star and she shows us that humanity is indeed capable of great good. She will help shape the character of England “to become less of ‘me’ and more of ‘us’ as the community.

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Title : Holding the far reaching flower, Dimps Sanghani

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