Zee TV presents Britain’s Miss and Mrs pageant

  • Thu,14 Feb 2019 05:29:21 PM

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Smita Sarkar

London: Britain's Miss and Mrs pageant, an event which inspires women from all walks of life to look beyond and explore their inner being, held its grand finale in early February 2019 at one of London’s top five-star hotels, the Grange St Paul's Hotel.

With the core belief that women can redefine themselves in order to embrace their beauty, it's a pageant that can bring international exposure for the winners. The event aims to dispel the myths about beauty by removing the restrictions on ages, height, weight, and community criteria which plague other competitions.

After months of preparation and a tense evening of anticipation, the winners were finally announced. Congratulations go to:

The Mrs category

Pooja Dahiya - Mrs Universe UK, Mrs Delicate, Mrs Fabulous

Rujuta phanse Kothare - Mrs Earth UK, Mrs Passionate

Preeti Pande - First Runner up, Best Catwalk

Shikha Kaushal - Second Runner-up, Mrs Community Queen

Anjali Gathibandhe - Third Runner-up, Mrs Photogenic

Rachel Abraham - Fourth Runner-up, Mrs Intelligence

Kasturi Warde Sinkar - Congeniality Queen

Julie Ruban - Goodwill Queen

Vijaya Kumari Vakkanti - Brand ambassador for knotty threads

The Miss category

Nisha George - Ms Earth UK, Ms Talented

Asmitha Tawade - First Runner-up, Ms Elegance

Anvi - Second Runner-up, Ms Glamourous

Bhavika Parekh - Third Runner-up, Ms Fitness

Krishani Wijeratne - Fourth Runner-up, Ms Popularity

Nina Bondareva - Devoted Queen


The winners were all delighted with their achievements, having been mentored by a dedicated and enthusiastic team who gave them copious amounts of advice and support throughout the run-up to the competition. The pageant was lucky enough to have the services of this array of talented experts in their field, to provide training in things like interviews, soft-skills, styling, and how to handle the media:

Priyanka Kanvinde - The pageant's founder and organiser (Mrs Classic Universe 2018)

Gurpreet Singh - Vogue Couture UK

Tripti Singh - Makeup mentor (Bhansali productions in-house makeup artist)

Vineet Johri - Photographer

Pallavi Kaushik - Mentor

Grace Levy - Catwalk technique mentor (Miss Universe GB)

Saaish Shhetey - Pageant coach and acting coach

Stephanie Hill - Interview technique mentor (Miss World Runner-up)

Roopa Lutzenberger - Charity mentor



The winners will go on to represent the UK in other competitions, such as Mrs. Universe, Mrs Earth, Ms Earth, and Mrs Supranational, creating opportunities for the participants to make a difference in the world. It is hoped that this will be a platform to support social causes and improve communities, bringing a depth that is often missing from beauty pageants.


Britain's Miss and Mrs was also fortunate with the judging panel, managing to attract such names as Rehana Ameer, Rahul Nangare, Ginny Kakkar, Vimmi Dhillon, Harmeet Singh, Stephanie Hill, Grace Levy, Samantha Coote, Soumya Hv, Ash Oberoi, Sheetal Rane, Hannah Batten, and Navin Kundra to adjudicate the event.

“We cannot change the world in a day but by picking up various social causes we definitely can make a difference in our society making it a better place for our future generations,” said the pageant's founder and organiser, Priyanka Kanvinde.

She was also thankful for the hard work of the hosts, Arushi Rana and Ioan, for a smoothly-run show and also gave a special thank you to Meenakshi Paranjpe for being a life coach and Purva Kothare for teaching the importance of spirituality in stress.

Entertainment on the night came from DJ and creative designer Dhruv who was responsible for the stage decor. There were performances from Prachi Ranade, Navin Kundra, and Stephanie Hill who captivated the audience.

The Miss and Mrs pageant wouldn't happen without the support of individuals and companies who share in the aims and goals of the event. The 2019 show was blessed to have been sponsored by:

Vogue Couture Ltd UK

Knotty Threads



Ashiana Bridal

Presha Creations

Naari Couture

Cook a curry

Skin Sense GP Clinic

Patiala Express

Gold Rain Exclusive Events


There were also media partners who were invaluable for the coverage and publicity they could provide:

Sunrise Radio

Zee TV

Supported by Asian Lite

Finally there were also the partners who helped with the entertainment for the event:

Dhol Beats UK

Kirti Kala Mandir

Sapnay School of Dance

After the successful pageant Priyanka Kanvinde was pleased and proud of what had been achieved. The progress that all of the competitors had made over the course of the competition has prepared them to take a greater role in improving their communities and the world at large. Winning at Britian's Miss and Mrs is not only an achievement but just the beginning of new empowered lives for the women involved.


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