Introducing Shivam an up and coming British Asian singer, song writer and producer

  • Wed,30 Jan 2019 09:35:24 PM

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Sushma Lobo

What makes a new artist cut through the white noise in music today? With a steady barrage of new music flooding the airwaves every day, it takes a special catalyst to transcend beyond anonymity.

Shivam is a 20 year old British Asian singer, song-writer and producer. He started singing at the age of 6, this young man is endlessly creative and plays the piano, guitar and flute which he learnt whilst growing up in Portugal.

For young musicians, age and grand budgets are seldom the barriers they once were. Shivam at 14 was proof positive. At the age of 14 it was an exciting time to be around Shivam as he emerged into the music industry and faced his first steps of stardom, he had taken part in the Birmingham Diwali programme to do the Rajesh Khanna Medley on his keyboard at the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham and in several surrounding areas and as a result was asked to appeared on BBC Asian Network. Interviewed by the charismatic Noreen Khan during Children in Need, his half hour interview on radio featured his live rendition of a Rajesh Khanna keyboard tribute, seen as it was just days after the iconic Rajesh Khanna had passed away.

Shivam started producing music shortly after, and made remixes of songs by various artists including Jay Sean, Zayn, Justin Bieber and many more. One of his remixes, “Pillow Talk - Zayn - Deep House Mix”, was number 1 in the official remix download charts in North America. This is when he started to win over a audience in the name of fans from around the world. He has also remixed a few songs of Zack Knight, Mickey Singh and Arjun. "Love Controller - Shivam Remix", being the most popular with clubs and radios and was aired repeatedly on BBC Asian Network. "Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan - Shivam Cover" was also played on BBC Radio 1, as part of DJ Limelite and Kandman's playlist. When YouTube’s algorithm served me an unreleased Shivam cover song I was blown away! Being a British Asian the juxtapositions of the two cultures are evident in his music. His remixed tracks showcase a slick mix of underground stylings, but it’s the way he intertwines Hindi and English language into his music that makes him so dynamic.

This emerging star with his collaborative talents was asked to do the Narendra Modi welcome song purely from a voice note which was given to him for Modis UK welcome event at Wembley. He was then invited to London for Modi’s question and answers session where he was lucky to be in the Auditorium and was very happy to have been a part of such an event and he was also interviewed by MATV at the time.

Self-taught Shivam is concocting his own blend of music by singing covers of songs, where he produces the music, mixes and masters them. Placing himself on the music map he is soon to release more covers and a few new singles, and hopes to continue climbing the ladder to success in the British Asian music scene. 

Shivam is speeding full force into the music industry and his passion for music is evident. To fund his music career he started Kreesh Events promoting Bollywood bands and to help him financially sustain his music whilst he rises to stardom.

British Asia asked Shivam a few questions,

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Looking forward to releasing some tracks of mine and getting the opportunity to share my sound with people and performing live at events

What’s the best highlight of 2018?

Best highlight of 2018 was getting to meet Modi in person and meeting new people in the industry


Please see his You Tube link below - Shivam


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Title : Introducing Shivam an up and coming British Asian singer, song writer and producer

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