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The Global Wellness Awards 2019 with Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Global Wellness (YYC Global Wellness Awards) was held on 13th January 2019 at Kings College, London.

The event is all about Extraordinary Wellness content packed into one inspired day, bringing wellness experts together from around the world. The day is packed with guest speakers, wellness experts and exhibiters showcasing the best in wellness products and services. The event covers all aspects of wellness from healthy mindfulness, spiritual connections, business health, mind-set, alternative health, Reiki and Feng shui.

“If your mind and your health are in good shape your life, your career and your business will flourish” (YYC)

So let’s meet Hinna Halai AKA Hinx Halai, who won the YYC Wellness awards. She is a vibrant young lady full of energy with so many inspiring aspects to her, mother, business woman, ambitious, mentor, into spiritual wellbeing, supports the community, charity…

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Her story starts 6 years ago, a mum with two kids, a family, and lives with her in-laws when she started her business Kalika Hair & Beauty salon.

“About 6 years ago I opened this place as a salon, and then a year later I opened Kalika Academy after having all my qualifications and certificates in place. The private academy has been running for the past 5 years, I teach hair, beauty and barbering up to level 4. I work 7 days, but I manage to fit all this stuff in with kids, schooling, homework, socialising, work and networking. And ever since the academy I have to make sure I am up to date on a yearly basis with all my qualifications and courses.”

In between all this she became an internal quality assessor, which means she can internally verify, grade and pass her own student at the academy.

In business Hinna believes you can either go upward or branch out “and I branched my business out”. She now has Kalika Hair & Beauty Salon, Kalika Academy and Kalika Candles.

How she came to win the YYC Global Wellness Awards 2019.

Hinna came across a man called Rajan Bose who was the head of YYC Global Wellness Awards Division and he introduced her to the event and suggested she has a stand there exhibiting and introducing her wellness product range of candles, diffusers and her new product Rejuva 5 facial massager. “so I went along and put up a stand” she said.

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What is Rejuva 5 facial massager?

“Is a facial massager, it helps get rid of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, no chemicals, can be used with any serum, oil and cream and with daily use diminishes fine lines and wrinkles”.

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What are Kalika candles?

“The story behind the candle is a funny one, basically I developed a fascination for candles last year, went to Asda filled up my basket with candles and they still sit in the store room none of them met my needs, I couldn’t find the fragrance I was looking for. So I decide to make my own ones and created my own fragrance”.

From here Kalika candles were born. The candles are made of sage and sea salt it’s more for the spiritual side, and are chakra candles, “that’s how I developed those candles, with actual real sage, and the chakra candle each layer has a different layer each a colour of the aura”.

Chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in the energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

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Hinna is a believer in Auras a person’s energy and is a spiritual person herself and she introduced the candles because she has clients who come and talk to her whilst at the saloon about business, life support mentoring etc. Hinna said this is called Kalika Hot-Seat, where people come and talk about anything they want to get of their chest, if they have a small business or change of career, topics they want to talk about, current career or they just want to have a laugh. She designed the candles with them in mind, to help her clients.

“The sage and sea salt candle is very calming it’s cleansing uplifting and sage cleanses your aura, it’s for people to connect with their aura and spirituality”.

Hinna explains the theory behind her candles, sea salt is used to purify and cleanse any negative energy in physical and emotional spaces. The burning of sage is an ancient spiritual ritual; burning sage has long been connected to the spiritual realm or enhanced intuition. For healers and lay people in traditional cultures burning sage is used to achieve a healing state, or to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas. Burning sage may also be used as a ritual tool to rid yourself or your space of negativity. This includes past traumas, bad experiences or negative energies from others. This helps you achieve a positive environment for meditation. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual sets your intention and dedication to self-improve. Amongst all this it also helps soothe and improve your mood. Tradition suggests that burning sage can literally lift one’s spirits to banish negativity.

Hinna says “In the spiritual world there is demand for these candles for spiritual people. They are available to buy from the salon and Etsy. I will now look at other distribution options to sell”.

How do you balance work with life?

“I have two teenagers they are awesome kids, they are very easy going, I must say its hard work you have to give up functions, family time, and there are lot of things that you have to prioritise”.

How did you feel when you won the award?

“I thought Huh? Was my initial reaction” and she laughs, she went to the YYC awards had a stand and was part of the wellness division, she had a stand exhibiting her own products and was a guest speaker talking about wellness and was none the wiser she had been chosen to win the awards.

“I only went to exhibit and introduce my products. I’ve not registered it yet, I guess it’s an achievement as it’s the first time I have ever won a trophy”, she turns around and points to the counter where the golden trophy sits surrounded by all her products.

“It’s still surreal at the moment, I’ve not had time to register it at the moment it’s all been on the go go go, I’ve been so busy, I've had live stream for YYC going on, interviews people coming to the salon to do Kalika in Hot-Seat videos I literally had one at 4pm today with a singer. It’s a constant thing I do in the salon, people talk, people come to the saloon and let off steam, we help small businesses build business up support them, it’s like a community here”.

Hinna employs a team of 9, “when I first started it was just me” she says. “My academy school employs most my own students giving them jobs afterwards. I always provide that support if they have questions they come into hardship I will support them even if its 5 years on. Support continues even after they’ve finished their studies. I help build confidence, esteem, encouraging them and mentoring them”.

“I recently helped a client of mine who is setting up her own business and her own saloon and academy and I said I will even help run your first class. I supported her in setting it all up, I’m more about empowerment, encouraging them, mentoring them and motivating them to realise their own potential”. She also cuts hair for homeless people for free, and she cuts hair for the homeless and the community every six weeks with the Project Giving, photos and what Project Giving do can be found on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Last year Hinna also participated in two swim challenges to raise money for charity. She swam a unbeliveable 22 miles in the Aspire channel swim, which she said was very hard but she made it, and the swimathon for Marie Curie cancer reaserach charity. This woman is truly inspirational and a well-deserved winner for Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve Global Wellness!

Kalika Hair and Beauty and Kalika Academy can be found on 5 North Parade, Mollison Way, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 5QH. Tel: 020 8951 4949, Social media Instagram @kalikasalon, twitter @khalikasalon and facebook Kalika Hair & Beauty Salon Ltd.

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: British Asia News

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva




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