World of wisdom shared by inspiring philanthropist, award-winning businessman and legend Rami Ranger

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Smita Sarkar

London: “We must show commitment as we cannot achieve much without sacrifice.”

“We must have empathy for others as with an ‘I am alright Jack’ attitude, it will not help build the reputation needed to establish our standing in the world.” - Rami Ranger

Rami Ranger, the Chairman of Sun Mark Ltd and Sea, Air & Land Forwarding Ltd, two of Britain's fastest growing companies offered five tips on life: self-respect, work ethics, commitment, vision and empathy for others. His absolute rags-to-riches story is both inspiring and encouraging. He started his business with £2 and now has an empire that sustains thousands of British jobs with their export activities.

Both of his companies have received prestigious awards from Her Majesty the Queen, the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement 1999 and the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade for an unprecedented 5th consecutive year, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013.

But Rami has been spending a substantial amount of his time and efforts in community affairs in the recent years.

The Humanitarian

“I feel that it is very important for the host country to know what we Indians are about. We are the product of a secular and democratic India and are a positive force enriching our adopted country not only economically but also culturally,” said Rami.

“There are many issues which face immigrants and by becoming a united force, we can deal with them effectively.”

Rami is a founder member of the Hindu Forum Britain which was set up to unite all the different Hindu Organizations in Britain under one umbrella so that they could project a cohesive voice to British government departments. As the Chair of the Hindu Forum of Britain’s that organized the first ever Hindu Ball in Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London in April last year to celebrate Hindu culture and its contribution in enriching Britain, spiritually, economically and socially.

“The Ball was organised to stop the depiction of images of Hindu Gods frivolously and derogatorily on carrier bags, shoes, T-Shirts etc. that are damaging the self-esteem of peace-loving Hindus.”


Dr. Rami Ranger, Chair of the HFB Ball addressing the guests

The Ball united different Hindu Organizations in Britain and as a result, they can now project a cohesive voice in British Government Departments. The Ball was attended by 750 elite guests each contributing £150.


Chief Guest the Rt. Hon Geoff Hoon MP being received by Mr. Keith Vaz, MP and the HFB members along with Smita Purushottam Political Minister at the India High Commission London (Extreme Right)

“We managed to raise £80K with the help of auction and raffle. The money was used to improve the security of Hindu Temples across Britain.

It was well-attended by 30 members from both the Houses of Parliament along with Government Ministers.Our aim was to help the local population understand more about Hinduism and its philosophy for peaceful coexistence.

“By raising their profile of Hindus in Britain, we were able to project Hindus as peaceful, positive and progressive community. The rest as they say, is history,” remarked Rami.


A full-house enjoying a cultural programme at the Hindu Ball

Tories and Asians

Rami co-founded the British Asian Conservative Link to make Asians more publicly and politically spirited and to encourage them to take part in the decision-making process in Britain. Due to work done by the BACL, the Conservative Party, which previously had no Asian members in the House of Commons, now has five MPs of Asian origin. 

Rami along with the other members, organised hundreds of high-profile events to bring Tory leaders face to face with Asians so that their perception of each other could be amended.

As the co-Chair of the British Asian Conservative Link and Conservative Friends of India, Rami has been encouraging young professionals to join politics. His aim is to bring two great democracies of the world, the largest and oldest closer to one another for a positive synergy.

“By highlighting shared values of both countries like the rule of law, equality for all, respect for women and other faiths, we build better relationships. More importantly, we have a common history going back two centuries and as a result, we feel closer to one another. In the last century over a million Indian soldiers defended the King and Empire twice by paying supreme sacrifices. By highlighting these links, we generate a better understanding to enhance trade and tourism.”


Rami with PM Theresa May

The focus this year will be to enrol as many members as possible and encourage them to stand for Parliament and local Councils in order to become decision makers and strengthen the British democracy.

Rami’s daughter, Reena Ranger is a popular Tory Councillor.


His elder daughter Councillor Reena Ranger

Super-successful businessman with a difference

“Making money is important by sharing your fortunes with the less fortunate in line with the teachings of the Sikh Gurus is also very important,” said Rami. “Giving is good as those who give feel good in themselves and those who receive can transform their lives.”


With GP Hinduja, CEO of Hinduja Group of Industries

Rami supports many As a patron of the ‘Great Walk’ undertaken by the Chairman of the India Association UK he has helped raise £100,000 for research into the cure for AIDS and cancer for the Northwick Park and St. Marks Hospitals in Harrow.

He has also helped to raise £25,000 for the charity Help the Heroes. He donated £25,000 to the Indian Gymkhana to build accommodation for athletes. He helped raise £20,000 through walk for heart and stroke campaign at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow.

Rami donated £100,000 to the Gandhi Memorial Foundation Trust which raised funds to erect a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Parliament Square, London. Rami was quoted as saying “The world owes Gandhiji a huge debt of gratitude for liberating one fifth of mankind through non-violence thereby creating a better world.

But that is not all – there are many others worth mentioning projects that he has whole-heartedly supported.

Projects close to his heart

“Pakistan, India and UK Friendship Forum initiative which I launched in 2007 is very important to me as I believe we must stop being rivals. Our rivalry is bringing untold hardships to innocent people in India and Pakistan. 

“We are engaged in the arms race when most of the population in both the countries cannot afford clean water, medicine, food, shelter or education and yet we have a state of the art killing machines. Our rivalry is also harming social cohesion in Britain,” said Rami.

Rami set up the Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum soon after the 7/7 and 21/7 bombings of the London Underground by British citizens of Pakistani origin. He realised that we must make a conscious effort to build bridges with the Muslim community which was feeling isolated and dejected. Rami recruited prominent Pakistanis in Britain and launched the Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum.

From the heart 

What would he have been if not an accidental entrepreneur and his business plan for the upcoming year?

“It is very hard to predict what I would have been. However, one thing is for sure, that I would always remain humble and a decent human being ready to help where I could.

“Our plan is to add more products which offer value for money to customers without compromising taste or quality which they have come to enjoy and expect over the years.”

How many hours do you sleep (if you sleep at all from all your commitments). Do you believe in work hard and party harder?

“Sleep is very important as a tired mind is not as effective as a relaxed one. Besides, as one grows older, one needs a minimum of 8 hours sleep in order to stay healthy. I believe in enjoying life too as life is not a rehearsal. It is a onetime offer where we must work hard and play hard.

Some words of wisdom for our readers?

“I believe we must ensure that we are respected because of our actions and deeds and not because of rhetoric. We must work hard and ethically in order to be the best amongst the rest.

“Those who watch the clock instead of their work, continue to do so whilst those who watch their work surge ahead.”

“We must have vision as without one we are like headless chickens unable to find our destination.”


Wife Renu Ranger



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