Interfaith meeting organised at Birmingham

  • Mon,31 Dec 2018 10:25:59 AM

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London: In an Interfaith meeting organised by (BMI) at Birmingham on Saturday 29th December 2018, the Secretary Kashmir Voice International (KVI) Javid Kakroo while delivering his speech said,

“Interfaith refers to a process of cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people professing different religious faiths, traditions or spiritual beliefs. The dialogue involves promoting understanding and help increase the acceptance of others.

The hate incidents, extremism and mistrust have affected the faith communities. These are anti-peace and have resulted in conflicts. Serious concern needs to be shown about antisemitism and Islamophobia. Promoting harmony through interfaith is needed more than ever before.

Breaking down barriers, building bridges and increasing awareness of different and distinct faith communities is what interfaith stands for. Principle of mutual respect and tolerance are vital for the promotion of harmony.

I believe political, social and cultural organisations have a wider space to promote harmony between different faith communities. Political parties are expected to encourage, through their programmes, the fair and respectful engagement with people having different faiths and beliefs. They are equipped with resources and can educate public opinion and arouse public interest through media. They could serve as brokers of new ideas to spread and strengthen the philosophy of interfaith.

Social workers work for social change, social justice and human rights. The respect for diversities is central to the performance of social work. Better results could be achieved only in an atmosphere of tolerance, harmony, mutual love and respect. Promotion of culture of collective responsibility and achieving social cohesion is possible only in an atmosphere of coming together and sharing of aspects of respective faiths. The power of religion can be used as a force for unification of divergent factions leading to the promotion of global peace and reconciliation.

Bringing different groups together and strengthening communication channels through effective dialogue will go a long way in achieving the objectives pursued by interfaith. This should promote reciprocal understanding, acceptance of tolerance among religious communities and can breakdownbarriers that stand at the centre of wars.

I am a Muslim. I have no claim to religious knowledge and scholarship but I believe that one singleAYAT of Holy Quran should dispel the conception that there is an element of imposition in Islam - LA IKRAHA-FI-DEEN is enough to declare that there is no compulsion in religion.

All human beings are members of the same family. There is much in common with different cultures and religions. I tell you a simple event how Mr. Gandhi in India solved a big problem. After independence in 1947 a new educational policy was contemplated. The experts in the committee proposed moral education to be part of curriculum. Some suggested that religious education could promote moral values but a controversy did arise, since India is a multi-religious country so education about which religion. When Gandhi Ji came to know about it, he solved it and advised to teach the basic values of all religions- they are not contradictory. This will also help children to become aware of the fact that we have the same heritage.

I am the secretary of an organisation engaged in besides other things, promptingharmony in our conflict zone. I am from Kashmir which is multi religious, where people have lived for centuries together in complete harmony. When in 1947 because of partition, unfortunate bloodshed took place in the subcontinent, Kashmir state remained calm and peaceful.

Gandhi Ji, pained at the sight of bloodshed, said about Kashmir, ‘I see a ray of hope here only.’ Under a conspiracy two major religious communities of Kashmir have been distanced from each other but our organisation, Kashmir Voice International (KVI) has started a process to bring the two communities together and review the harmony and MILCHAR---- a Kashmiri term for mutual love and respect”.

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Title : Interfaith meeting organised at Birmingham

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