“Being Happy in bad times, is the best talent in the world…”

  • Wed,13 May 2020 10:30:18 AM

“Being Happy in bad times, is the best talent in the world…”

A Unique, Creative Antakshari Video Presented by Marathi Ladies in UK Group.

Last week was a long weekend in the United Kingdom. On 10th May, Marathi Ladies based in the United Kingdom, presented a video collaboration of memorable Old Marathi Songs performed in Antakshari format.

In these difficult times of Coronavirus pandemic, with so many fatalities all over the world and when several people are badly affected physically and mentally staying in Lockdown. Marathi ladies UK group, organizer Gayatri Shenoy, shared a creative idea for the ladies to stay cheered up in times of lockdown. The main aim behind this video collaboration was to have something exciting to look forward to during the dreary lockdown where so many restrictions have been placed on the day to day routine of average citizens.

All team members were provided with the guidelines to present the video, the songs to be used and all the details for shooting the video were given to each of the participants. After further coordination and management, preparation for this video was underway by each of the participating ladies. They came up with their own unique ideas to present their individual song pieces. Once all the individual videos were collated, Swati Kirve did a remarkable job to edit the videos and put together a complete Antakshari video.

The dances were graced by the following talented ladies:

Swati Kirve, Ketaki Ghodke Ghotane, Gayatri Shenoy, Gitali Khatri, Pradnya Kesarkar, Ashwini Fadnavis, Chaitrali Sukhthankar, Karishma Shete, Mangal Joshi, Priyanka Yeole, Supriya Joshi, Anjali Parashar, Smita Chaphekar.

The Final piece was the beautiful video collaboration presented by all the lovely ladies who took time off from their day to day lives. To share a message to stay home, stay safe in times of Lockdown. To show the world that life can be enjoyed even in difficult times. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. If life gives us lemons, we make lemonade and fight back. And this indomitable spirit of human beings is what sets us apart from other living beings. There is a Hope and we continue to look at the brighter side of life.


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Title : “Being Happy in bad times, is the best talent in the world…”

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