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British Asia News By Lena Chauhan CEO & Founder of RISE IQ
London April 04 (BAN/LC) During these times many of you will not be able to see GP’s/Consultants/Nurses/Counsellor in person so will need to rely on video calling or phone calls.
A number of NHS and private GP surgeries, hospitals and clinics already offer the opportunity to consult with a Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist or Counsellor via video which is likely to increase.
The software used by each healthcare service will vary, for example, some require you to download a specific app on your Smartphone or tablet, and some require you to download software onto your PC or laptop.
Here are 9 tips to help you prepare for and get the best from a video consultation with your healthcare professional.
Note: These tips are based my own experience and that of my clients speaking to doctors by video.
The term ‘Healthcare Professional (HCP)’ covers a Nurse, Doctor, Pharmacist, Counsellor or any other healthcare professional roles.
Video consultations can not be used to assess and treat emergency conditions. Call 999 if you have symptoms of a heart attack (central chest pain that moves up towards your neck and down your left arm), stroke (face drooping on one side, difficulty speaking, weakness or numbness of one side of your body) or severe difficulty in breathing (can not talk or speak due to breathing difficulty).
1. Prepare in advance.
Follow any instructions that have been provided by the healthcare service. If you have been asked to complete a questionnaire beforehand; complete it. If you have been asked to test the software, then run a test.
If you have not been asked to complete a questionnaire, you can write a list of your symptoms, when they started any relevant information.
Please write down any questions you wish to ask the HCP. This prevents you from forgetting any important information you wish to find out.
2. If you are driving when the HCP calls to speak with you, park up and stop driving. Tell the HCP that you are driving and ask them to call you back when you get to your home.
3. Have a pen and paper or notepad ready to take notes. You can write questions that you think of during the discussion or jot down instructions that you are given.
4. Ensure the room is well lit. This will allow the HCP to see you better and might involve being close to a window, having the lights on or sitting near a lamp if necessary.
5. Use a strong and preferably secure Wi-Fi connection. A strong Wi-Fi connection should allow you to see or hear the HCP properly and vice versa.
6. Take your video call in a quiet room. This will give privacy to you and others around you (either at work or home).
It will also allow the HCP to hear you and reduce distraction.
Unlike the physical consultation room, the HCP can only see the view immediately taken by the camera and won’t see anyone that is not within view.
Therefore, it’s helpful to let them know if someone else is or will be present in the room with you (e.g. a relative, work colleague or kids). This means they can ask appropriate questions and avoid (unknowingly) disclosing sensitive personal information.
7. Keep your hands free. If you can, use a laptop, a stand or dock for your phone/tablet with a stand or dock or prop up your phone/tablet against a book or box. This will allow you to keep your hands free so you can make notes (if you want), point to areas of your body (if needed) or hold your child for examination.
8. Don’t be afraid to tell the HCP if you can’t hear them properly, if they appear to be looking in the wrong direction or any other feedback that could improve the quality of the video consultation.
The HCP may not be used to performing consultations so instead of looking at the camera they may be looking at your face on their screen.
9. Check your email or the messaging system (if you are using a dedicated app) around 1-2 hours after your video call has ended for any further information (e.g. written literature about your treatment) that your HCP or the administrative team has sent you.

If you need help with the above during this time, please mail my team on for help. Kindly write Covid19 in the subject line.

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