Binti International- They Need Us, It’s Now or Never!

  • Fri,3 Apr 2020 01:04:16 PM

British Asia News By Aastha K Singhania 

London April 04 (AS/BAN) Manjit Gill, founder of Binti International, began the charity with a mission- a simple mission to get women their menstruation dignity back all over the world. Although this may sound simple, but people across the globe still don’t talk about periods. Binti helps in facilitating access to menstrual pads, educating girls about the process of menstruation and the how to maintain hygiene, whilst also dispelling stigmas taboos and negative perceptions about menstrual health.

Manjit and her team have been tirelessly working for almost 6 years now and have taken global projects to India, Nepal, Kenya, Swaziland and the US. In the UK, Binti aims to increase sustainability by hiring local women to produce and sell sanitary towels. Presently, Manjit has been working with a group of elderly women at Whiteley Village who come together and sew reusable period pads, which work on a simple wash and reuse basis.

Recently, as the world got hit by the infamous virus, COVID-19, it was nearly impossible getting Manjit to speak to us. While most of us are isolating and in quarantine, Manjit starts her day by getting out of her house at 9 am. She has been working with food banks to ensure that the supply of food is not cut off for the homeless in these desperate times.

The address has been kept confidential, as many food banks have been broken into before. However, the concept that is taking everyone by the steer is the production of reusable masks, which is being made by the ladies at the Whiteley Village. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, they were running a project called Sewing For A Good Cause with the ladies at Whitely village in which they were sewing and producing period bags for Binti. The women have now adapted this project and turned their attention to creating protective facemasks, which includes a pocket for a filter to be inserted. These masks are being donated to NHS workers, key workers and vulnerable individuals. This grant would cover the costs of distributing the mask to those in need. This is a revolutionary product, definitely needed in times like these- easy to use, wash, reuse. They are also available to buy online from their website-

On speaking with Manjit she proudly tells us, “It seems like everything that I have done with this charity, I did for this moment. I am here to go all in to be of service to humanity.” In the same moment though, Manjit seemed concerned about how she would continue funding the charity since all the money came through the events Binti had over the year and since government made no announcements or plans for charity organisations to receive funds from the government. She says, “With the outbreak of COVID-19, many of our plans and events have been cancelled. This has led to us losing a source of income, which also meant that we had to put numerous plans on hold until things look more certain. We have now turned our attention to ensuring that the communities we work with are safe, healthy and supported during this crisis. We want to adapt our current projects and utilise the experience we have gained over the years to respond to this emergency in the best way possible.”

There is an urgent need for people like Manjit who are thinking of others and how they can support them in these unprecedented times. For that, she needs our support. As one can not get out to help physically, please help financially by donating whatever you can on her page. Just click on the link below or visit the website and click on the red ‘DONATE’ tab to start the process. Every little will help, going towards supporting the human race, a time where we all need one another the most. Please give back to your community and help these heroes fly and save lives. Please Donate Now!


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Title : Binti International- They Need Us, It’s Now or Never!

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