Panic buying over and now Britain's wasting food

  • Tue,31 Mar 2020 11:14:28 AM
Derby March 31st (SL/BAN) After we saw photos articles and queues of people panic buying food, supermarket shelves empty and people stocking up for what seemed like months and months of food supplies. We suddenly now have started seeing something on social media which is literally making people nod their heads with disbelief.
A councillor from Derby took to his twitter and laid down the truth as it is:
Liberal Demorcarte councillor from Derbyy Councillor Ajit Singh Atwal posted pics of people bins overflowing with food. What a hurtful sight to see!
Sharing photos of fresh food put out to the bins, councillor Ajit Singh Atwal posted: "To all the people in this great city of ours in Derby, if you have gone out & panic bought like a lot of you have & stacked up your houses with unnecessary items you don't normally buy or you have bought in more food than you need, then you need to take a good look at yourself."
If you look at the pictures you can clearly see In the waste full loaves of bread, packets of cooked meat and fresh fruit, all piled next to and in recycling bins - a clear sign that panic buying fresh food is quite clearly a pointless pursuit.


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Title : Panic buying over and now Britain's wasting food

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