United indian Support Rally in Scotland

  • Mon,27 Jan 2020 04:50:22 PM

By Puneet Dwivedi

London, Jan 27 (BAN): In Scotland Dozens of organisation came together a day before Indian republic day on 25th of Jan 2020, one banner ‘Scotland Friends of India’ gathered together to congratulate and show their support to the Indian Government on enacting the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 (India). The CitizenshipAmendmentAct2019 coming into force, is the beginning of a new dawn in the lives of those who feared religious persecution in theocratic countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Mr Neil Lal , Mr Rajdeep Sarkar from Glasgow and Mr Abhay Kumar and Mr Puneet Dwivedi from Edinburgh were the key organiser of this support rally outside Indian Consulate in Edinburgh. There were around 200 people from various age group, ethnicity and faith participated in the Rally. The drafted a letter and collected 295 signatures (100 signature collected before the rally, who can’t participate) for a letter to be written to All MPs , MSP and MEPs of Scotland.

Dr Amjad Mirza one of the activists originally for Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoJK) said – “CAA is wonderful initiative by Indian Govt and being a resident of PoK he welcomes this Act. He also mentioned that since the Talibanization of Pakistan, there is systematic persecution of people in Sindh and other parts, he mentioned that Hindu Temples in Mirpur as well as in Pok has been destroyed and converted into residential houses. Gurudwaras been attacked in Pakistan. So all these minorities find natural home in India, who can now be given proper citizenship and considered part of India. “

Puneet Dwivedi, vice president of Hindu Forum Britain which is largest Umbrella body of British Hindus, Showing a copy of the CAA Gazette and FAQs released by Govt of India, mentioned – “There was been lot of misinformation campaign in India as well as here in UK about the Citizenship Amendment Act. People have not read the bill and started protesting against it.

The Citizenship Bill is wonderful initiative and give dignity to the refugees already in India till 2014. There has been few protest in Scotland against the Act stating this act is against a faith, however when challenged where does the act mention anything against any faith, no one was able to point out. The Indian Citizens be it of any faith will not be impacted by this Act.

The protest in Assam to some extend was legitimate however the rest of India the protest being hijacked by misinformation campaigners. Even for Assam and North East , if you read point 12 of the FAQ released by Govt it says – “The CAA protects the interests of the tribals and indigenous people of the North-Eastern region by excluding areas under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution and areas covered by the Inner line Permit system.”

Neil Lal mentioned this is historic moment for Scotland, for the first time Indian Diaspora and people of Indian origin have shown their unity. There are people from Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and some from Aberdeen as well on this chilly Sat afternoon. We are standing united with Indian Govt and PM Mr Modi for passing this Act which gives Shelters to all the minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh where the minorities have declined drastically. We are here to congratulated Indian Govt and their representative Consul General of India Mr Hitesh Rajpal.

Rajdeep Sarkar from Scotland Friends of India said he want to thank everyone taking out time to support this important gathering to show our support. Abhay Kumar said very delighted to be part of this show of unity, we need to fight against misinformation campaign in Scotland and rest of UK to malign India’s image.

The gathering was very peaceful and tea snacks were served and people and the rally ended with everyone standing up with India’s national anthem.

Video Footage of Dr Amzad Mirza https://youtu.be/FaV5Ebia7RQ


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Title : United indian Support Rally in Scotland

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