Jaguar Land Rover shape-shifting seat makes you think you're walking

  • Thu,16 Jan 2020 01:57:07 PM

British Asia Network - Shahzad Sheikh

London 16 January 2020 - Jaguar-Land Rover is creating a clever futuristic car seat that features shape-shifting ability designed to tackle the health risks of sitting down for too long. The morphable seat will be ideal for people who do a lot of miles in cars.

Developed by Jaguar Land Rover Interiors Research, the seat uses a series of actuators to create constant adjustments in the shape of the seat base to fool the body into thinking it's walking. They're calling it 'pelvic oscillation'.

We live in an era when more than a quarter of people worldwide are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which does nothing for your leg muscles and can lead to back pain and heightened susceptibility to injury from strains and falling. Additionally UK drivers cover an average of 146 miles every week - and if you're stuck in traffic, that's a lot of time sitting in a car.

Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Medical Officer, said: “The wellbeing of our customers and employees is at the heart of all our technological research projects. We are using our engineering expertise to develop the seat of the future using innovative technologies not seen before in the automotive industry to help tackle an issue that affects people across the globe.”

Previous projects have included research to reduce the effects of motion sickness and the implementation of ultraviolet light technology to stop the spread of colds and flu.

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Title : Jaguar Land Rover shape-shifting seat makes you think you're walking

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