Audi AI:ME 'empathetic' concept car shown at CES 2020

  • Wed,8 Jan 2020 12:26:21 PM

British Asia Network - Shahzad Sheikh

London 8 January 2020 - Audi is at the consumer technology show in Las Vegas showcasing a unique autonomous concept car with 'empathetic vision'.

The AI:ME is said to be like a 'third living space' (your home and workplace being first and second) and the AI system recognises and remembers the perferences and personalities of its users.

Forget voice and gesture control, this concept uses eye-tracking to allow passengers to communicate with the car intuitively and have it, for example, order their favourite food.

There's a pair of VR goggles that can transport passengers to a scenic view of them flying over mountainscapes rather than riding in an automobile. The idea being that you can relax and experience some escapism from reality until you get to your destination where you ordered food arrives just in time to meet you.

The AI:ME also records all the user's usual destination and uses live real-time data to figure out the best and quickest routes. It can comprehend and anticipate its user's driving styles and the heads-up 3D navigation display tells you exactly where to go by placing the arrow directly on the route ahead.


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Title : Audi AI:ME 'empathetic' concept car shown at CES 2020

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