BEFFTA Awards awarding ceremony to Charity Bike Riders

  • Fri,30 Nov 2018 07:06:23 AM

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By Sushma Lobo

London: It was a great pleasure to attend the BEFFTA Awards awarding ceremony to Charity Bike Riders at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London, hosted on Tuesday 27th November by Blue-Sky network founder Nic Careem and Dimps Sanghania Mrs England.

It was an evening full of inspirational individuals who give to the community without expecting anything back, people who make a difference in the world inspirational philanthropist.

Sir John Anthony Bird, Baron Bird, MBE, a British social entrepreneur best known as the founder of the Big Issue attended the event and in his speech spoke about the different immigration that came to the country he spoke about the Indian immigration who were hardworking and saved and saved as his father in law is Indian “ the Indian subcontinent and people who come to this country is their enormous vibrancy and enormous quality of labour and work and prosperity that they bring to the united Kingdom…as soon as the Indians came into England they didn’t expect anything they just gotinto work, I’m very interested in what is that, that quality because we need to give that quality to everywhere we need to find a way of passing that postponementof gratification. If you say to my wife would you like this she will say yes lets save up for it and she says would you like it and I say yes can we run into debt each and every day because I have this instant gratification. I’m talking in a roundabout way of the brilliance of the cultures in United Kingdom…there is a prosperity that exits in Britain today and a lot of it came from the Indian subcontinent”.

He spoke highly about the Asian community working hard not earning the highest wages but from whatever they earned they saved, put all their children through university and bought their own homes in both the UK and abroad.

From the Bikers Family spoke Councillor ChetnaHalai also a life coach and speaker. She joined the bikers family 6 weeks before they were about to do the bike ride it was just before the May election and so she had to ask her colleagues permission “am I ok to go” …she said “I bought a bike,I actually had never ridden a bike on the street, the first training day we went to was Osterley park, 56 miles on my first day, I kid you not and I thought whoever that woman was! well if I can do that then I can do India. Before you knew it there I was great colleagues, great team, I’ll never see India the same, because to see India on a bike is breath taking, you are really taking in the culture the atmosphere, the environment you are really taking in the people the poverty the abundance the prosperity. All walks of life is what you see, you don’t see that when you go in car with your AC on in the luxury comfort of your car. It was good to see the charity and how they work, that was very eye opening in fact I was in tears when I got to see and meet the people who will be benefiting from the funds which something you don’t really get to see when you get involved with charities”.

Another bikerSimaSojitra spoke about how she signed up with a vison to lose weight during this challenge, she said during the bike ride when they met the charity and the children they will be helping “it was a real eye opener, it’s when you feel you are here for something else, it helped me on my journey through the 3 days we were out there my reasons changed as to why I was doing this bike ride”.

The charity Bike Riders Family just completed the Gujarat Charity Bike Ride 2 raising £70,000 and £110,000 in Kenya Charity Bike ride on top of the £170,000 that was raised on the first charity bike ride in 2017 and now they are geared up and getting ready to bike ride From Delhi to Amritsar in India in February 2020.

Nic Careem thanked them for being inspirational and inspiring others to support and help. He introduced Dr Pauline Long a multi award winning entrepreneur, broadcaster, presenter, media mogul, philanthropist, motivational speaker and the founder of BEFFTA awards. “A room full of givers is blessed and infectious” she said. The BEFFTA awards celebrated 10 years this year, it’s about bringing people together doing amazing things and contributing to the community, different people from different sectors “. She along with Sir John Bird would present the awards.

Just before the awards Suryakant Jadva presented a cheque for £75,000 to the Charity bike Riders raised through sponsors to kick start their Feb 2020 bike ride.

BEFFTA certificates were awarded to Sanjay ValjiKerai,Ashish Vekaria,Suresh Hirani, SimaSojitra, ChetnaHalai, Prakash Patel, Sailesh Patel, KiritVarsani, HakuHirani, Chaten Patel.

A BEFFTA trophy was awarded to Dimps Sanghania for her support and being the grand ambassador for the Charity Bike Ride and attending Charity fund raising events and flag-off events.

Suryakant Jadva was awarded a trophy too for his past 3 years work with the Charity Bike Ride Family and initiative he gave in fund raising over £350,000 for charity through the Bike Riders. What a fantastic achievement especially following on from winning the Pride of Brent, Volunteer of the year awards.

British Asia will look towards how they can interact and help with such charities like The Bike Riders Family and will follow Dimps Mrs England on her Journey to the Philippine for Mrs Universe Pageant. We your country England support you all the way.








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