Pride of Brent 2018 Award Suryakant Jadva

  • Thu,29 Nov 2018 05:22:24 PM

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Sushma Lobo

London: When I started in this field of media work, I quickly came to know people and met new people all the time, but there was this one individual who always was happy to help, his actions were altruistic, humble and sincere. He was enthusiastic about my work and always smiling. It was not long before I realised this was him in all aspects of his life; Suryakant Jadva won the prestigious Pride of Brent 2018 award as the Volunteer of the Year. And then the story goes on it was only after I met the Charity Bike Ride family did I realise the truly amazing work Suryakant has done bring humanity as a role model to the community at its best. Huge congratulations to Suryakant from me and the team at British Asia News.

By The Charity Bike Ride Family

The Charity Bike Ride family owes so much to Suryakant Jadva. Suryakant has been absolutely amazing in helping to raise funds for amazing charity organisations. Suryakant has made a tremendous difference in the lives of children, adults and OAPs.

Suryakant has been volunteering for Charity Bike Ride for the last three years. He has single handedly been the driving force in raising over £350,000 from 3 bike rides through various fundraising events. Suryakants passion to make a difference is infectious; he has helped engage various stakeholders to work collaboratively to deliver a common goal. He has helped create structure and governance to ensure the organisation is working efficiently and effectively.

Just a few months ago, we completed the Gujarat Charity Bike Ride 2 raising £70,000 and £110,000 in Kenya Charity Bike ride on top of the £170,000 that was raised on the first charity bike ride in 2017. Suryakant has been instrumental in being the driving force for fundraising. He has further supported at own cost travelling to India, visiting the organisations that have benefited from the fundraising. This has gone a long way in making life changing differences, to those who need it most in society.

Suryakant has helped with his media connections to bring exposure of the great work the charities does, he has also used his vast network of contacts within government agencies to ensure the necessary support and awareness to the various projects Charity Bike Ride has undertaken. This has not only helped with logistical support but also in brining opportunities of various other agencies working together for achieving the common goal of making a difference to lives of others.

I recall one instance in Kenya Bike ride, whereby our support vehicles during our bike ride challenge had not turned up. Suryakant immediately called one of his contacts and arranged for replacement vehicles within 2 hours without any fuss or hassle…. Truly amazing.

I feel so incredibly blessed, and I just can’t thank Suryakant enough for his support and time volunteered to our organisation. Suryakant has made life-changing differences for so many people who rely on Charity Bike Ride, by helping them discover their abilities and realise their full potential. And every time they celebrate a new milestone or accomplishment, we thank Suryakant for his continuous support.

On behalf of Charity Bike Ride and all the lives you have helped, we wholeheartedly nominate Suryakant at volunteer of the year and wish him all the best in winning this amazing award he truly deserves. He is so humble in his efforts and will probably be surprised by his nomination but he has the heart of gold, energy so electrifying but most importantly the humanity to make a difference.

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Title : Pride of Brent 2018 Award Suryakant Jadva

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