To inspire our young readers, the initiates a unique column 'Story that Matters', which will include a brief interview with successful migrant entrepreneurs in the UK. Whether the achievement small or big it does not matter, but the journey towards success is what really matters for today's youth.

If you come across any such achievers in UK please notify us with the contact details, we will be happy to talk to them for a feature on this column.


Influentially Inspiring : Meet Avnish and Anita Goyal
- Aastha K Singhania

London, Dec 08 (BAN): We are living in the most amazing time in history. There is communication and interaction; skill and a pool of knowledge; opportunities- for us and for life in the other worlds. Even our governments are getting exposed! However, people are still tired, demotivated and unusually deprived of the success they envision. Modernity is on the rising brink, where everything is out in the open for question. The problem arises when values, culture and heritage are questioned by the generation next.
‘Influentially Inspiring’ is a series of interviews which aims at bringing first hand experiences in dealing which such ordeals and the struggles that people go through to overcome misfortunes and stand where they are today- influential and inspiring.
We are delighted to introduce Avnish and Anita Goyal, Chairman of Hallmark Care Homes and CEO of Hemraj Goyal Foundation respectively on Episode 1. Avnish and Anita have changed the face of philanthropy and support numerous charities across the UK and India, standing strong in the belief of giving back to humanity so that their children can learn and understand the power of charity and happiness that brings to people across the world. Their vision and legacy is strong, filled with values and culture of our Indian heritage. They are a couple who people should know and come forward to support and help.
If you believe in their beliefs, then please come forward and get in touch with them at,uk because your one little step can help in so many ways.
Watch this video and share it to spread the vision. Welcome to our first episode brought to you exclusively by British Asia News.

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Title : Influentially Inspiring : Meet Avnish and Anita Goyal

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  • P Swati, Manchester
    Sun, Dec 15 2019

    I’m not one to listen to interviews or judge people but I heard this interview and they are really inspiring and real. Family values are very good and what they say - our generation just had to aim for best achievement but our children nieces and nephews have aunties uncles parents doing well in education and life and now face new difficulties. Yes sure it is not easy for them too. What a good story. Our parents came in 60's and gave us best they can, we now have more to give and our children will hvve great responsibility to help our heritage and values stay alive and thrive to the highest. Well done Mr & Mrs Goyal

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  • Susana Mosafi, UK
    Sun, Dec 15 2019

    Such good Sunday listening. The family values held I love them especially in this era where people have no time. The book club is super will have to implement that thanks to Goyal family. I love idea thank you

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  • Shelly, UK
    Tue, Dec 10 2019

    Good article good voice for charities. can we send in charities who need help to there foundation? i ahve been working with a project in India schools on the streets run by volunteers teachers, it has no funding to continue?

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  • Darmesh Chavda, UK
    Sun, Dec 8 2019

    Great interview an di look forward to read more. Inspirational couple the Goyal family, what a good forum to get the world to know what the hidden heros of the world do.

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  • Kawaljeet Singh, Solihull Birmingham
    Mon, Dec 9 2019

    Yes I think your are correct Dharmesh more unsung hero’s need to be highlighted. We hear so much about crime, murders on our street knife attacks that it is refreshing to hear there are altruistic people out in the world. There are people who believe and Humanity is still here. This goes well with the year celebration of 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji who taught humanity.

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