Exclusive Film Premier - Ahimsa: Gandhi the Power of the Powerless
- Sushma Lobo

  • Fri,29 Nov 2019 01:53:12 PM

“Gandhi belongs to the world and what he has done has inspired many movements”


London Nov 29 (BAN/SL) There was a click in the change of the world and Gandhi was the catalyst. A premier screening of the new movie AHIMSA- was shown this week next to the Palladium at the Courthouse Hotel in Oxford Circus, central London.

Ahimsa, Gandhi the Power of the Powerless, (ahimsa meaning respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others), the title itself brings a notion of power, a new world movement of ruling and freedom fighters through the influence of peace and walking the talk. All the leaders of that time stood on the shoulders of Gandhi. And like Ramesh Sharma says “Gandhi belongs to the world and what he has done has inspired many movements”

In an exclusive British Asia News interview Keith Lobo asked Mr Sharma the Director of the Film Ahimsa, what inspired him to make a film about Ganghi and his own words what is the fim about he said “The film is about Ahimsa which is about Gandhi but more importantly Gandhi and his influence on the seminal world movement’s that took place, for instances, his influence on the civil rights movement in America. His influence on the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, his influence on the Solidarity Movement in Poland, his influence on the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia, and his influence from the independence of India. So it is about the importance of non-violence and its relevance in contemporary times”.

How does one create such a film that depicts such non-violence and results in a room of standing ovation, Mr Sharma said “you tell the story of the Gandhi and you create a very exceptional film by the very force of his personality and by the depth of his ideology, by the compelling power of all that he did in terms of sheer living by example and living the talk. His commitment to truth, his commitment to inclusiveness and his passion to insure that every person has something good in him, so you do not hate your enemy but you make sure you make your enemy understand your point of view”.

From the team of producers Jean Luc Berlot said “so proud to have produced a film about an iconic Mahatma Gandhi. When I was a kid at school we learnt about Mahatma Gandhi and he is around today. I have 5 kids from 10-32 and with my wife we try to teach them that violence brings violence so in our house it was a nonviolence home”.

The world changed, there was a man called Ghandi who decided the only way he could win a war was to be non-violent, a revolution, this form of creativity had never been impressed on the world before. He inspired all the heroes of that era to be non-violent the list is endless but to name a few Martin Luther King, James Lawson, Nelson Mandela. The film was an eclectic mix of all the civil rights movement’s over the generation. It moulded the history of the free world and how it came about. It came about by Gandhi’s understanding that morality and peace will always win and the power of the powerless person is power in itself. The film was well attended by 100’s of people and distinguished people. Present at the premier to name a few were Sir Vince Cable, Lord Navnit Dhoklia, Lord Khalid Hamid, Sarosh Zaiwalla the CEO of Hinduja Group London, Mayur Patel, GP Hinduja, amongst a list of lords and ladies.

Sir Vince Cable said “it was very powerful moving and very telling, many people have seen the Richard Attenborough version which was told as drama this was a documentary. The footage was brilliantly constructed and very telling and it really bought out the extent to which Gandhi’s ideas Ahimsa particularly have been carried into movements all over the world. Watch Sir Vince Cables Exclusive interview with British Asia news on what his thoughts are about Ahimsa.

Interview at premier of 'Ahimsa' with Sir Vince Cable

Lord Dhoklia said “this is something very unusual; Ahimsa is very much associated with Mahatma Gandhi, what the film actually demonstrated is the principle of Ahimsa and how it filtered through the different political systems throughout the world.”


Interview at premier of 'Ahimsa' with Lord Navnit Dholakia

The film has a gravitas about it and has been documented to illustrate a pivotal movement in history which is relevant in today’s time and has shaped the today.

Watch the exclusive interviews below from distinguished guest who attended.

Interview at premier of 'Ahimsa' with Director Ramesh Sharma

Interview at premier of 'Ahimsa' with Mayur Patel CEO Hinduja Group London













Keith Lobo interviews opinions on 'Ahimsa' at Premier

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