Countdown begins to Rickshaw Run 2019

London, Nov 25 (BAN/ SL): SEWA UK set up a fundraiser at Pandav Vidhya Shala Saturday school in Bushey as the days get closer to December 10th Rickshaw Ride 2019. Dina Bhudia took the initiative to set the fundraiser up so the community can learn about what the Rickshaw ride team will do, raise awareness for the charity being supported and what the team aim to achieve and of course get people digging deep and donating to an amazing cause.

So what exactly is the Rickshaw Run raising money for let’s take a closer look: Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech has been a growing charitable trust who specialise in supporting congenitally born deaf children from the age of 0 through to 6 years.Through early detection and intervention, the Cochlea team has become the trusted charity for mothers supporting their children. Starting with just one centre, one teacher and one student the centre has now spread its message and support across rural areas of Pune through to Goa.

The charity now supports over 125 children to help them hear and speak with the assistance of over 35 teachers, hearing aids, providing speech therapy and most importantly through the specialist Swaranaad pre-school. The children learn language, mathematics and general knowledge. The Swaranaad pre-school encourages and gives each child the confidence to join mainstream schools and continue their education.

The Cochlea team’s efforts and the Swaranaad pre-school have made it a beacon of hope for many families and children suffering. Last year they admitted over 22 children to the pre-school which has continued to grow.

British Asia news were inspired and impressed to see the proactive interaction of the very young youth from the Pandav Vidhya Shala School children who not only got to have a ride on the rickshaw but spoke to British Asia news about why it’s important to raise money for charity.

Dina Bhudia who set the fundraiser up and is a participant said “there are 90 participants, of which 26 are women and we are all self-funding the journey, we are paying our own flights, diesel on route for 2700km, we are paying for our food and accommodation”. Every single penny raised here is all going towards the Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech, what an inspirational group of people this team is.

Jeel another participant tells British Asia News “there is a variety of participants the youngest being 12 and the oldest is in the 60’s. I’m in a entourage of a bunch of 25-30 year olds year olds, and we all come from various walks of life, professionals, students, some people are retired it’s a variety and big community in fact, people are coming from all over the UK as well as USA and Australia”.

A charity that is coordinating participants from around the world who will all ride a Rickshaw trip from the tip of India Kanyakumari all the way to the finish line in the North of India Ahmedabad riding 2700km passing through the rural villages of India is a true inspiration and beacon of hope for the humanity. They will pass through other projects they have helped in the past along the route, they will be able to stop by and say hello and see first-hand how the money they raise helps the people who need it the most. They have in the past helped raise money for the following projects which they will have the privilege of stopping by and seeing how the projects are getting along;

• Divya Residential School, Jawhar Maharashtra,
• Divya Rehabilitation centre (Sanvedan) Latur, Maharashtra
• Divya (Arunodaya) School and treatment centre, Gadag, Karnataka

SEWA UK has helped many more Charity projects in India which will not be on route so they will not visit, these are:

• Nuwakot Hostel, Nepal,
• Uttarakhand School, Village of Chhinka, Uttarakhand
• Jammu & Kashmir School District of Kishtwar

Watch Interviews with the team and what they have to say about the journey they will take and watch live the Rickshaw taking a round with kids.

Now when money is being raised to help such charities we hope you can all dig deep into your pockets and donate to SEWA UK for the Rickshaw Run 2019 and help them meet their target of £150,000 and succeed in raising fund for a centre for hearing impairment and cochlea implants.




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Title : Countdown begins to Rickshaw Run 2019

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  • Sunjay Mehta, Kingsbury
    Wed, Nov 27 2019

    Excellent work been carried out by lovely Volunteer. All the best and pray that you will raise the funds you want for the correct cause Good Luck

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