OCI Investor Forum convention with Dr Modi & UK's leading millionaire businessmen
- Sushma Lobo

  • Tue,19 Nov 2019 04:56:45 PM

London, Nov 19 (BAN): Bhupendra Kumar Modi aka Dr. M is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and the chairman of Smart Group and Singapore-based India business conglomerate Spice Global. This man needed no introduction he is 73 years old but was as young as a teenager.

He had embarked success in all parts of the world across industries today into healthcare education automobile Information Technology, entertainment, and also has founded non-profit organisations like OCI office, the citizens of India investor forum, Global Citizen forum of India. He has footprints all across the world, China, Singapore, Malaysia, New York, Los Angeles, London, Georgia, Dubai, Korea and list goes on. Forbes has also listed him among the top hundred billionaire businessman of this world.

Dr Modi invited 200 distinguished guests from around the UK to hold a discussion on $5 trillion economy by 2024- A Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) investor forum, an opportunity for OCI’s to come back and create New India. Held on Saturday 16that The Montcalm London Hotel, in Marble Arch. Prominent speakers at the event included Mr Gopichand P Hinduja, Co-chairman of the Hinduja Group and for those of you who don’t know him he is the UK’s richest man listed in the Times Rich List 2019. Lord Rami Ranger CBE, Founder and Chairman of Sun Mark Group of Companies which exports British supermarket products to over 100 countries worldwide, and Anand Sahu politician in India Board Member: Ministry of Finance & Labour & Employment, Govt of India.

The evening started with starters being served around the room whilst a video of how the world has advanced with technology. Dr Modicame onto the stage and firstly asked everyone to pay their respect to his late brother with a 30 second silence and for everyone to stand.

His first line was inspirational where he acknowledged how lucky the audience were to be Indians “First, we are bonding Indian land, which has the capacity, the capability and the wisdom to lead the world to peace”. A video on how the world is moving with technology highlighted intellect and creativeness at its peak. “What you saw just now is a video, which shows a digital world coming from a new world where the brain power is the only power at work”.

He reiterated what the Gita illustrates that Indians are the humanity peace makers. The aim of the convention was to motivate OCIs to invest in India and help develop India as they came from this motherland and can come back to help revive it, make it the fastest developing country, a global player.

Dr Modi has an aim is to eradicate corruption in India so OCIs can invest and support in developing India. Dr Modi compared how China have become the world fastest growing Economy, how do we learn from them improve and become global leaders.

Lord Ranger in his speech said the OCI Investor Forum is a very good idea and we should support Dr Modi in his endeavour to eradicate corruption in India and invest in India to make it a world competitive and leading country, “corruption in any form is a hindrance”.

He added that “the difference between India and China is very simple….we Indians are innovative, world leaders in IT, pharmaceuticals, cinema, we are open-minded to develop these ideas and have the freedom to do so”.

Mr Hinduja said that the “Hinduja family have known the Modi family for decades now” and that Dr Modi has worked hard in the old economy and the new technology and he is someone who has a lot of passion to work for the motherland.
“B K Modi, his intention is good, his targets are good, his vision is good and that is why I agree to participate. OCI’s can play a part to bring the economy up. We have to learn how the Chinese economy has grown, it was from the non-Chinese residents and the government helped them open the doors welcomed them in every respect, if OCIs and NRIs the doors are open for them and made easy to do business I am confident that they can play an important role in reaching the goal of $5 trillion dollars in India and it can become the third largest economy in the world”.

Mr Sahu BJP politician spoke passionately about the motherland and that he was prepared to help any OCI who would want to step up in politics or do business in India. He spoke about his vast experience from traveling around all the countries around the world with B K Modi and emphasised his passion to make India a global world economy. He said no matter what subjects you talk about our Indians are everywhere. He praised and inspired the youth “I’m thankful to the future of India, all the youth, the youth are the future of the world, no one can challenge the youth, they say what they think and what they see and we have to understand their values”.

The conference inspired everyone to think about how as OCI’s they could work and support B K Modi in achieving a global vision to bring India to the forefront of the world economy. There was an opportunity for question and answers from audience directly to Dr Modi, British Asia news’s Director Sushma Lobo asked a question why the youth entrepreneurs from the UK should take their business and investment to India, what will they get from it, B K Modi said the investment return for them would be much more than what they could ever expect from the UK, with better work results achieved.
Another businessman asked what if someone has a start-up idea which could work in India and could be set up in India what would draw them to India? Dr Modi said Global Investment could help them with the start-up funds to set that business up in India with the infrastructure to support it to grow.

A lot of scope and inspiration for building India into one of the Global leaders, the road to a $5 trillion economy, to take manufacturing potential to 25% of the GDP, achieve target of India’s exports and bring all OCIs together leading India to be the world’s third largest economy. The evening allowed all guest to network and discuss over dinner with the opportunity for people to personally approach all guest speakers including Dr Modi and ask any questions or discuss any ideas and thoughts.


















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Title : OCI Investor Forum convention with Dr Modi & UK's leading millionaire businessmen

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