Igniting minds, Illuminating Hearts- In conversation with Sister Jayanti and Sister Sudesh
- Aastha K Singhania

  • Sat,16 Nov 2019 05:54:38 PM

London, November 16 (BAN): On 10th November at the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University in London a very divine and spiritual evening is the way to end a week and get ready for the next. Sister Jayanti and Sister Sudesh from the Brahma Kumari House were seen in conversation with philanthropist Dimps Sanghani, who enrolled the two in their questions, extracting every bit of their wisdom for viewers like us. They are the European Directors for Brahma Kumaris. The show filled up almost 200 guests in the auditorium of Global Co-operation House, the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris.

The talk began with a welcome dance, and the lightning of the lamp by the honoured guests of the evening which included, Councillor Ajay Maru, the representing Mayor of Harrow, Trustee Ratan Thadani, Guruji from International Siddh Ashram and many more. The stage was immediately set for Dimps Sanghani and the two divine Sisters to speak about ‘Inspiring Minds and Illuminating Hearts’.

Dimps began the evening by focusing on how Diwali as a festival can bring positivity to our lives for the rest of the year rather than focus on one day. Sister Jayanti enlightens us the importance of the festival and how people use this to get rid of all negativities from our houses each year. She says the mind needs to be prepared to know what is right and wrong and that understanding comes when the soul is ignited and then I will be prepared to start loving. Sister Sudesh told us how celebrating Diwali has changed over the years with people cleaning us houses, to buying new good clothes and not to forget jewellery and therefore turning spiritual into a ritual. The challenge therefore has been to reverse this and to see the goodness in others with a pure heart.

To carry on this practice for the rest of the year is a choice we need to make within ourselves. The world today is sliding down and that is at a faster pace than the usual. The dark period is here and a lot of negativity is around which means one needs to have an inner power to protect ourselves from any influence, which is not meant for us.

“We are the creator of the situation we put ourselves in. We have collectively created this problem for ourselves. And therefore, we should be able to reverse this and create Satyug, which is the need of this hour.”                                                                                                                                                                                              -Sr. Jayanti

Outer environment and most importantly social media today influence the conscience constantly. This affects my ego, which can become a barrier to my relationships and my spiritual journey. Sister Jayanti also stresses on the fact that one needs to move with the compass of my own conscience and to keep myself in the path of truth, which in other case will stray me to a different path. Diwali is such a bi reminder to keep the light shining within myself to speak and know the truth.

Sister Sudesh tells us how to stay move out of our basic nature and adapt the goodness and take the aggressiveness out of ourselves. She says, fire cannot put out fire. You need the opposite source to tackle with anger, regression and depression. One needs to understand that one cannot fight fire without wearing a fireproof dress and that is true for all situations. One must protect themselves and only then I can change myself. 

Light never fights with darkness; it changes the darkness to light.

-         Sister Sudesh

Dimps also did not leave a moment to clear her confusions and went on to ask how she can guide her children who sometimes get caught between two cultures and traditions, especially when something can be right for one can be wrong for the other. To this, Sister Jayanti very calmly replied that the core principles for knowing what is right and wrong are the same and during Kalyug, they all preach the same. The original nature of every soul is goodness and due to different circumstances the other self emerges. Same way, all cultures have so many influences and nothing is pure and unadulterated and as a parent I need to understand it and not favour my own country and its values and therefore one must know to let go.

The conversation ended beautifully with a 5-minute meditation performed by Sister Sushma from India, who we exclusively interviewed after the event. All our interviews are now live on the article.

A beautiful and inspiring evening in all.

Photo credit Surykant Jadva

Photo credit Aastha K Singhania

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Title : Igniting minds, Illuminating Hearts- In conversation with Sister Jayanti and Sister Sudesh

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