Diwali in London: Indian diaspora's 'Turn your back' protest to Mayor Sadiq Khan
- Sushma Lobo

  • Mon,4 Nov 2019 07:10:37 AM

London, Nov 4 (BAN): In a dramatic development here in 'Trafalgar Square 2019' Mayor of London witnessed a silent protest by the Indian diaspora as he came to give a speech to convey his Diwali wishes on Nov 3, 2019 at Trafalgar square.

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"Turn you Back" - The Indian origin community protested him in a unique way by wearing black and showing their back while Sadiq Khan was addressing the gathering. 

The protest organizers said “The Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan has an obligation to protect all citizens of London and ensure their views are heard and respected.  Recently, there has been three ugly violent protests by pro-Pakistan factions on the streets of London including a protest on Diwali day itself, a highly disrespectful and offensive act.  There is nothing to stop these thugs from repeatedly protesting and causing mayhem.  The protest on Diwali day was kept away from the High Commission of India, thanks hugely to the actions of many concerned Indians who actively wrote to the Met Police and voiced their concerns."  

As a Labour MP, Mayor Sadiq Khan has unfortunately not condemned the Labour party's anti-Indian stance, a stance underlined by the resolution that was passed at the Labour Party Conference in September 2019 which directly interferes in the internal matters of India, a secular republic.  The fact that this motion brings the Kashmir issue into the domestic politics is both disturbing and conniving.

The Mayor needs to know that we are disappointed and we must show solidarity as an Indian diaspora group.  

But Mayor continued to speak and said "Diwali is festival of light, is the victory of good over evil is the victory of our friendship over enmity, as the victory of knowledge, over ignorance. There are some people that try and define our communities trying to reach against poor Hindu against Muslim Londoners against those in other parts of the country in the world. And that's why the central message of the Diwali is so important. We celebrate with pride here in the greatest square in the world; we celebrate the valley in the square. Let me just say this about this great city. One of the reasons why London is the greatest city in the world, is because we have Londoners of Indian origin, making a massive contribution towards our city, whether in business, whether in the NHS, whether in teaching, whether it's in charity work, whether it's in journalism, whether in politics, London is of Indian origin of contribution for decades and decades and decades and long way, that continue. Here in London we don't simply tolerate difference. We respect it. We embrace it, and we celebrate it so from the Mayor of London, from my family to yours. I wish you a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year. London is open for all" he said.



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Title : Diwali in London: Indian diaspora's 'Turn your back' protest to Mayor Sadiq Khan

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