Brand new 8th generation Volkswagen Golf revealed

  • Fri,25 Oct 2019 10:06:25 AM

British Asia Network - Shahzad Sheikh

London 25 October 2019 - The Volkswagen Golf was launched 45 years ago, sold 35 million units and has consistently been Europe's most popular car for most of that period. So as Volkswagen reveals an all-new 8th generation version of the definitive Euro-hatch, the significance of this moment cannot be overstated.

Volkswagen believes this is the most technically forward-thinking Golf so far - digitalised, connected and intuitive to operate it claims - and it will be available from launch with five hybrid versions. Inside all the displays and controls are digital and operated through touch buttons and touch sliders.

Along with five hybrid versions new Golf will feature the latest generation of TSI engines with hybrid drive dubbed eTSI. Average fuel consumption will be reduced by 10% and eTSI will be offered with 110bhp, 130bhp and 150bhp. Two plug-in hybrid versions will be offered with 204bhp and a sporty GTE guise with 245bhp and electric-only range of up to 60km (37 miles).

Additionally there are two four-cylinder TSI petrol engines with 90bhp and 110bhp; two four-cylinder diesel TDI engines with 115bhp and 150bhp, and a natural gas-powered TGI version with 130bhp. For the diesels fuel consumption has been reduced by 17%, but more significantly VW claims Nitrogen Oxide Emissions have been cut by up to 80%.

The Golf features full connectivity but is also connected to the outside world via Car2X technology as standard. This system receives information from traffic monitors and other similarly equipped vehicles up to 800 metres away.

It will go on sale around April 2020 with prices expected to start from around £22,000, with a 300bhp GTI likely to appear later in the year, and four-wheel drive R version with up to 400bhp possibly in 2021.


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Title : Brand new 8th generation Volkswagen Golf revealed

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