Diwali Arts and Crafts with the Pandav Vidhya Shala, London

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London 22 October: On Sunday 19th October, the Hindu faith school, Pandav Vidhya Shala, that’s held at Bushey Academy in London, held a Diwali Arts and Craft Workshop and Shopping Festival to celebrate the upcoming Hindu festival, Diwali.

Pandav Vidhya Shala School is a voluntary organisation that dedicates itself to learning the fundamental values of Sanskar, Sewa and Sanghathan. They focus on learning all about Indian languages, the culture and the different types of performing arts. Primarily, one of their focal points is teaching Hindi and Gujarati as well as Hindu Dharma in order to increase cultural awareness for students as well as parents. Their cohesive environment helps keep Indian culture alive even for new generations by providing a balanced curriculum that enhances their knowledge of culture; key values; languages and most importantly their sense of community that they gain at this school every Saturday.

The Diwali Arts Workshop that they held at Pandav Vidhya Shala (PVS) is said to be a project of Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK and one of the volunteers at this extraordinary event described it to be perfect for the community because it brings about “cohesion for all the adults and children, where they can come together to take part in Diwali celebrations”. It was also said to be used to further the education of PVS students and embed their learning as well as enjoy the various festivities that Diwali has to offer.

They all participated in different activities like Rangoli, using multiple types of colourful lentils, as well as painting diyas and making fantastic Diwali cards. The festival had many attendants and the room was lit up by the amount of smiles and laughs that filled the room; they all certainly had an amazing time.

Photo Credit - PVS School 

One of the volunteers, Geetaben Mistry, said she “absolutely enjoyed preparing for and seeing the event happen”. She also said:

“It is important to me that my children see that giving up our time to keep our and culture alive for the betterment of the community is part of life. Seeing everyone having fun and the interaction between parents and children was very rewarding experience and will absolutely look forward to doing it again next year.”

It is evident to us that PVS can show children and adults how much enjoyment can come from celebrating their culture and experiencing it together. Many volunteers also attended, and all the feedback received radiated the happiness the attendees felt from the event. Here’s some of the comments they had after that lively day:

Dheeya, age 9 said “I really like going to the Diwali Workshop as I enjoy making the Rangolis and diva paintings. I will get to use the decorations to decorate our house for Diwali”. While Preesha, age 12, expressed how she enjoyed it because it is a “really fun place to go where we can start our Diwali celebrations early”, she also made Rangolis using lentils, which she said was her “favourite” activity because “it’s a very traditional way of making colourful patterns”.

Easheta conveyed that the festival was “excellent particularly for the children, who got an opportunity to get immersed in traditional arts and crafts”. She participated in “playing the tabla” and thought that the event was “very well organised” and that “the atmosphere was great”.

People also seemed to like it because it allowed them to try new and fun activities like Eashan, who said that “the festival was really fun” and he “enjoyed doing the Rangoli with the different lentils” because it was “something I have never done before”.

This event was perfect for everyone and like the comments demonstrate, it was widely enjoyed by people of all ages!


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Title : Diwali Arts and Crafts with the Pandav Vidhya Shala, London

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  • Jasu, Harrow
    Thu, Oct 24 2019

    I Jasu Patel always work as volunteer at pvs school event's.i enjoy working with other volunteers to prepare for all festival and always look forward for next event

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