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  • Fri,6 Sep 2019 03:42:12 PM

London, Sep 06 (BAN): Sewa UK have been organising Cycle4Sewa, an annual cycling fundraiser at Redbridge Cycling Centre in East London for the past 8 years. This year's event on 1st Sept was attended by over 200 cyclists and 400 people in total with the aim to raise money for Sewa UK's most recent project Cochlea Pune. Through the determination of all of the cyclists a total of 3,250km were cycled throughout the day.

With the cameras in position, a drone in the air and cyclists on the start line a determined group of 165 cyclists took on the Main Event, a two hour cycle to complete as many laps as possible individually. Year on year it’s amazing what these budding young cyclists can achieve when they put their mind to it, all aiming to cycle further then they have in previous years. This year we had cyclists, scooters and even prams ready to go around the track!

Things got more competitive when the Team Challenge began. Thirteen teams consisting of five cyclists each had an hour to complete the most laps as a team. The top teams from last year battled it out once again this year, with team Shivaji Elders from Woolwich winning with 115 laps amongst the team.

Sewa UK believes that every child deserves an education and healthcare no matter the circumstances that they were born in to. Sewa UK works on projects which promote catering for people with disabilities.

Sewa UK had raised £1.1m in the last 10 years for these projects. Of which Cycle4Sewa has contributed in excess of £100,000.

This money has helped Sewa UKs projects to build 2 residential schools in Jawhar (Maharashtra) and Gadag (Karnataka) to help children with a disability get an education tailored to their needs. They have also been able to fund a treatment centre for children with cerebral palsy.

The next project Sewa UK is working towards is Cochlea Pune. It's hard to imagine a life without being able to hear, but this a reality for many people. This project is to help with early detection and prevention of hearing impairments in children. Something I am sure we can all agree is for a good cause. Please visit for more details.

Next year’s event has been booked for 6th Sept 2020 so make sure you save the date!

"Each one of us can make a difference; together we make a change"


Photo credit: Suryakant Jadva

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